We’re giving away Colbert MD’s Nourish Eye Cream! Promotes collagen production, brightens skin, eliminates dark circles & reduces under-eye puffiness. Helps reverse the appearance of lines & wrinkles & renews youthful suppleness to the entire eye area. To enter to win, visit our Facebook page, and leave a comment on the Nourish Eye Cream Holiday Giveaway post telling us what type of skincare product you’d like to see us develop & release for the Colbert MD product line! We’ll choose the winner at random, Friday 12/21/12, 3pm EST & announce the winner shortly after. Best of luck & Happy Holidays from Colbert MD!

We’re giving away Colbert MD’s Nourish Eye Cream! Promotes collagen production, brightens skin, eliminates dark circles & reduces under-eye puffiness. Helps reverse the appearance of lines & wrinkles & renews youthful suppleness to the entire eye area. To enter to win, visit our Facebook page, and leave a comment on the Nourish Eye Cream Holiday Giveaway post telling us what type of skincare product you’d like to see us develop & release for the Colbert MD product line! We’ll choose the winner at random, Friday 12/21/12, 3pm EST & announce the winner shortly after. Best of luck & Happy Holidays from Colbert MD!

Guest blogger David A. Colbert, MD, Founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group, shares his favorite and cost-efficient ways to look younger in the new year!

Turn Back the Aging Clock in 2013:

Top 5 Tips

Tip #1

Start using a light facial oil — one drop twice a day to add an instant dewy radiance to even the most sun-damaged skin. I like Illumino, a weightless retinol-containing luxury facial oil. Oils are a long lost French art for rejuvenating the skin, and they’re now making a big comeback.

Tip #2

Start every morning with a full glass of water to instantly replenish the skin’s sponge-like crevices and add volume as well as to wash away toxins from the body.

Tip #3

Learn to feast on “beauty foods” as outlined in “The High School Reunion Diet.”

These are my 5 favorite ingredients for beautiful skin: Kale, Greek yogurt, almonds, olive oil, and white fish. This combination of foods delivers healthy proteins, fats and vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) to promote collagen and elastin growth as well as weight loss, bone strength and improved circulation. Healthy foods lead to glamorous glowing skin. Examples of adherents to healthy eating and beautiful skin are Michelle Williams, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz.

Tip #4

At night, do something special for your face, neck and hands once or twice a week, by doing home exfoliation. Use a Clarisonic brush, a sugar scrub or an Intensify Disc. Rinse with warm water, dab dry and apply a Stimulate Serum or a Heal and Sooth night cream. The next morning skin is softer and make up (if u even need it) will go on smoother than ever.

Tip #5

Don’t be afraid to dip your toes into the new dermatological technologies that can erase years of sun damage and aging. These include the Triad Laser Facial, Fraxel, Laser PRP, as well as the ultrasound face lift called Ulthera. Combinations of these treatments can turn time back a decade.

dr. colbert

For more info on these visit ColbertMD.com.com.

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Maintaining the Gloss

Fires should crackle, but hair and skin should not. Protect yourself from the elements with products that nurture and soothe

ONE MINUTE, you’re bracing against an icy wind, the next you’re blasted with radiator heat as dry as the Sahara. Your nose is red, your lips are chapped, your cheeks are patchy and your hair feels like hay. This is the unglamorous state of winter skin and hair left to brave the elements unprotected.

Interactive: Winter Beauty Products

F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal, Styling by Anne Cardenas

The best defense, according to Manhattan dermatologist David Colbert, is a smart and early offense. “If you start using face oils and heavier creams now, you might avoid the dry-skin trap of winter,” said Dr. Colbert. “This is the time to give skin an improved barrier function against water loss. Otherwise the epidermis becomes parched, resulting in micro-cracks in the skin and lips.”

To address the issue, Dr. Colbert developed Illumino, an easily absorbed face oil with a blend of nutrient-rich ingredients like argan oil and borage seed oil. Two drops in the morning and again at night keep skin dewy and glowing. (I also like to mix a drop into foundation to give it a lighter, more natural finish.) For very dry skin, follow the oil with a rich cream, such as Phormula 3-9 Repair Cream from Erno Laszlo. And once a week, use Eve Lom’s Moisture Mask, which is the dermatologic equivalent of drinking a bottle of Gatorade. For lips, shelve the ChapStick and grab Kaplan MD’s LIP 20 Mask, which repairs that delicate skin and plumps your pout.

Dryness is an issue everywhere from head to heels. We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable itch under wool sweaters. But applying a body moisturizer only helps if it can actually be absorbed. The irony is that when skin is extremely dry, it repels the benefits of even the best creams. The solution is to exfoliate, buffing away the rough, outer layer to let moisturizer sink in. Ohana Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub, from the line Red Flower, may not be pretty (overlook its resemblance to dirt) but the crushed bamboo is both gentle and effective in sloughing off dead skin, while the ginger and bergamot work to increase circulation.

Moisturizing is only half the battle. ‘Tis also the season to replace your facial cleanser with a gentler, oil-based product, such as one of Shu Uemura’s Skin Purifiers, which dissolve dirt and makeup without stripping natural oils.

For crackling hair, the best product might be Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment (not pictured). It was created to seal split ends while you’re growing out your hair. But its fortifying magic works wonders to combat moisture-free air and hat head.

On the other end, feet often fall prey to the adage: Out of sight, out of mind. In New York, Bliss Spa offers the wittily named “Heel”-Lelujah! Pedicure to keep them smooth with an oatmeal bath soak and hot mask.

In terms of beauty, winter, for the most part, doesn’t bring with it good tidings. However, one bright spot on the horizon is the return of Cornelia Zicu. The legendary Romanian facialist moved 10 years ago to the management side as global chief creative officer for Red Door Spas, but is now offering her services through a two-hour uber-facial at the Chatwal Hotel’s Red Door Spa in Manhattan. It’s no accident that she chose winter as the time to roll up her sleeves. It’s when her acolytes start stalking her, desperate to have their skin healed by her soothing touch and her secret enzyme-and-zinc potion, which leaves skin baby-soft and plump. The price? $1,000. Consider it the ultimate gift to your skin.

Q&A With Dr. David Colbert of Colbert MD

How did Colbert MD begin.  Why? Colbert MD skincare is a combination of my scientific research with luxurious scents and textures. It fills a niche for a simplified system that delivers results. It is a daily system that compliments the skin’s natural biorhythm. Instead of a vast skincare line with a la carte products, I wanted a cohesive system.

What is the one product from your line that you recommend women try out?  Why?
There are 3 core products. Nutrify and Protect Day LotionStimulate The Serum and Heal and Soothe Night Cream.  Stimulate The Serum is a big favorite, because my research uncovered a unique delivery system, Qusomes, that trick the skin into accepting active ingredients.  It’s like a Trojan horse that releases the actives deep within the skin.  Stimulate The Serum promotes collagen and elastin production via Gotu Kola and glycolic acid while improving pigmentation.  The hallmarks of youthful skin!

3. Should our skincare routine change each season?  What shall we do to get ready for Fall? Skincare regimes naturally must change with the seasons. As fall approaches we must first repair the summer sun skin damage.  For some this requires Fraxel or Intensed pulsed light (IPL) or a series of TRIADS. Get back on Retin A if you are over 40 & add a bleaching agent for brown spot. Autumn is also good time for a skin cancer screening.  As for products we shift to heavier moisturizers and more gentle cleansers. We should probably exfoliate less often and more gently as winter approaches. Sunblock should be used year round and my favorites are Laroche Posay Anthelios and Skinceuticals 30.  From my own line, I suggest using the Intensify Discs two times a week during the colder months. They contain glucosamine and a superfine microdermabrasion sheath to softly exfoliate.  Use gylcolic cleansers only a few times a week and learn to mix it up a bit.  Your skin can sometimes be like your moods and sometimes requires minor adjustments to get it right.  I think having a variety of seasonal changes in skincare is important. Add a lip balm in the fall. I love Rodin Lip Balm, because it seals in moisture 24-7.

What are the top 3 mistakes women make when it comes to skincare?

  1. Believing that sun damage and aging skin cannot be treated.
    I’m always surprised when people believe they can’t achieve beautiful even-toned dewy skin. With all the new dermatologic technology it is possible to have flawless skin into your later years.  It does take some education and work, but the rewards are worth it.
  2. Overworking the skin: Status Cosmeticus.
    Often, women will try, or use so many different products that the skin will revolt. The immune system part of our skin sends warrior cells to fight off the “invaders”.  This means we get red, irritated and whatever we use just makes it worse. That’s why it is crucial to intelligently choose a limited number of products that work together with the skin’s natural processes. Haphazard skincare without a plan won’t give you the results you want. Using a simplified, but effective, skincare system will.
  3. Not really understanding what it is their skin needs.
    It’s a bit like psychoanalysis. Sometimes we need to delve deeper to find out what will make our skin look better.  This means seeing your dermatologist (not your shrink) and getting educated. For example- you have tanned all throughout your 20s and 30s.  Likely now you need RetinA, a few light peels… as well as a serum and richer night cream because your skin is more damaged and needs extra TLC.  Skincare is a science with thousands of choices. Get some guidance from a board-certified dermatologist.  Lastly, women have mistakenly shied away from facial oils until recently. Once you hit your mid 30s or early 40s its essential to use a weightless oil to replenish our waning internal supply.  That’s what will assure supple vibrant skin.

What ingredients should we look for in skincare?  

  • In your 20s:  Sunblock! SPF 30 daily.
  • In your 30s.  Hyaluronic acid, retinol and gylcolic acid
  • In your 40s.  Light facial oils to seal in moisture. Look for essential oils like yangu
  • In your 50s.  Retinoids and oils

In general Qusome – containing products will deliver molecules like vitamin C, retinol and hyaluronic acid deeper into the skin. This means a more potent product.  Look for Silk Peptides, Gotu Kola, antioxidants, glucosamine, horse chestnut, shea butter and angelica sinensis, vitamin C and vitamin E.

What’s next for Colbert MD?

This month we are launching ILLUMINO- the first ever Qusome transdermal anti-aging luxury facial oil.  It contains a unique blend of 8 essential “weightless” oils and topical actives.  Make-up goes on flawlessly and tiny lines are effaced instantly.  We are excited to expand our distribution into the Asian market and to continue working on our product offerings for 2013. For now we are sold at Colette in Paris, Liberty of London, Barneys NY, Fred Seagal and Beauty Cube in Madrid.

David A. Colbert, MD is the founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group. He is board certified by the American Academy of Dermatology and board eligible in Internal Medicine. Established in private practice in New York City since 1995, Dr. Colbert began his medical studies at La Faculty Libre de Medicine de Lille in France, earned his degree from New York Medical College and completed his dermatology residency at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York. In addition to being a highly skilled and experienced physician specializing in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Colbert has a degree in Internal Medicine, and a Fellowship in Acne and Wound Healing from Boston University. Before establishing himself in private practice in Manhattan, Dr. Colbert studied and lived in Paris, where he was a dermatological research consultant for Chanel.
Colbert MD in Elle France.

Colbert MD in Elle France.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Book a skin cancer screening with your dermatologist.

Colbert M.D. in Vogue (France), May 2012.

Colbert M.D. in Vogue (France), May 2012.

Skincare from Colbert MD

Dr. Colbert is the dermatologist to stars like Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts—even Kate Middleton is said to be a fan. Luckily, he started designing products for the people, too.

Intensify Facial Discs
, $52; Stimulate Serum, $135; Heal and Soothe Night Cream, $145; Nourish Eye Cream $110.

Watch the video: http://youtu.be/tTPrFpjfUoQ

Love it or hate it, there’s a certain “look” one comes to expect of a Victoria’s Secret commercial — glamazon Angels strutting their stuff around a super-luxe space, wearing high heels, bold lingerie, a “you know you want me” stare, and not much else. Which is why we were so taken aback when we got an exclusive peek at the imagery for the new Love Is Heavenly fragrance and Dream Angels Bra collection — they are so not what you’re used to.

The images reveal the softer sides of Angels Erin Heatherton, Lindsey Ellington, and Toni Garrn, thanks to an earthy setting, flower garlands, and a dreamy overall feel. It’s like Victoria’s Secret goes to Coachella and we have to say, we like it. Sure, we love our Angels all glammed out and powerful, but sometimes it’s nice to see something a bit softer and more romantic. Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, then read on for an interview with the surprisingly down-to-earth Erin Heatherton about her beauty secrets, how she keeps her bod so bangin’ for those shoots, and what’s it really like to spend 75% of your day strutting around in your underwear.

victorias-secret-erin-heatherton-interview-fragranceThis is a bit of divergence from the usual VS ad — was it different for you to shoot?
“I love the ‘bohemian’ vibe and flower headbands. I love the feeling of innocence and earthy-ness. I prefer it because we were barefoot and outside in a gorgeous atmosphere in Miami.”

How would you describe the new Victoria’s Secret fragrance?
“The new Love is Heavenly fragrance is soft and alluring. The scent of water lily and mandarin flower smells fresh and sophisticated. It’s for the girl who likes to wear the fragrance rather than allowing the fragrance to wear her. It brings out the femininity in every women, so it’s great for girls looking for love — or already in love!”

If you could only smell like one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?
“I would want to smell like rose because it’s fresh and feminine.”

What’s your beauty philosophy? Are you low-maintenance or do you like to get really done up?
“Recently I love being low-maintenance. In the warmer months, you need less — a tan is your best accessory.”

Have you picked up any hair or makeup secrets from the behind-the-scenes crew since you’ve become an Angel?
“I have the opportunity to work with such talented hair and makeup artists. They know how to get the perfect sexy bedhead look. I try to do it at home but it’s harder than it looks! There’s a lot of shaking hair upside down and hairspray. [They taught me] how to use dry shampoo. Even when your hair is clean, they showed me how to get the bedhead, sexy look [using it]. The makeup artists on-set also taught me about makeup contouring and how to apply it correctly.”

What are the beauty products you can’t live without?
Dr. Colbert’s skin care line — it makes your skin glow! I love the Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Tan Enhancing Shimmer Lotion with Tint. Also, Oribe and So Sexy Hair products make my hair look shiny and full.”

We’ve always wondered what your mindset is when you model lingerie. Do you have to psych yourself up to disrobe or are you pretty free of inhibitions?
“I’m free of inhibitions. I think wearing lingerie, it allows you to feel free and sexy!”

What is your number one beauty secret for looking your hottest before a shoot or fashion show? Are you a cleanser or do you just do a crazy amount of exercise?
“If I really want to look great the morning of a shoot, I like to go on a run and do yoga. It makes my legs look tighter and learner. I’m not into juice cleanses.”

What’s the absolute craziest thing that has ever happened to you while wearing the Angel wings?
“My wings were electronic and wouldn’t open at last year’s VS Fashion Show. I kept pushing the open button and they wouldn’t open, but I was lucky because the wings still looked beautiful. I think seeing myself in a commercial is always crazy for me [as well]. I get excited every time!”


Dr. Colbert on The Nate Berkus Show!